Always having an eye for real estate she bought her first home at 18, her first farm at 29 and now owns several investment properties. Whether buying or selling a home Patti will work diligently for you and look out for your best interests.

Serving others and having an industrious drive has been a part of her life from a young age. Born and raised on a Clinton County dairy farm Patti was milking cows solo by the age of 12. On weekends at age 14 she would get the morning milking done, clean up and then ride her bike to the local restaurant to wait tables.

As a young person 4-H activities would fill any free time she had, and now she enjoys giving back to the local 4-H program.

Her dad served as township supervisor and assessor and she continued the tradition by serving residents and looking out for their best interest as Essex township treasurer for 14 years.

Along the way she was married to her still perfect husband John (celebrating 28 years) and together they are raising 9 God loving, hard working, and independent children.

Call, text or email Patti today for any of your real estate needs!